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Specialists in Behind The Scenes Videography and Photography
About Us

We Believe that bts is a specialist skill requiring focus

We are BTS specialists and this is all we do. As a result we have had the pleasure to work on projects ranging from high end TV Commercials, to smaller budget stills shoots.

Whatever the brief we have the skills to enable our clients to tell the story, behind the story


From creating BTS content for Photographers to TV Commercials, Series, and Movies we are able to tailor a BTS solution to suit you and your clients needs.

Our work has included; BTS stills, BTS video (edited and unedited), on set interviews, shoot preparation coverage, crew portraits. Our aim is always to give our clients a bespoke solution to meet their needs and those of their clients.


Both owners Ryan Scheltema and Dan Edwards bring a wealth of both photographic and videography experience across multiple genres. In addition to this both have also spent time in corporate marketing roles so fully understand the demands that our clients could have in terms of levels of service, professionalism, and speed of delivery.

All of this means that BTS South Africa is equiped to meet every challenge and shoot in a way that is guaranteed to deliver.

How we work

At all times we aim to be flexible in our approach and accomodate clients needs.

While we do understand that BTS can be very last minute and off the cuff at times we find that at least a basic brief allows us to create a BTS solution that meets the desired outcome.

By working as a cohesive team we are able to take on multiple smaller jobs, or work as a team on larger shoots as demands require.

campaigns we have worked on



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