COVID-19 Operations

Information on our operations during the COVID-19 pandemic

The role of Behind The Scenes Videography and Photography in a post COVID19 world

There is no doubt about it the last few months have changed the way we will do business for the foreseeable future, no industry is immune to the changes we all face and this includes the Photo and Film Industries.

Through talking to clients and collaborators during the lockdown period we foresee a situation where clients and agencies limit travel to sets, and look for other solutions to both manage and evaluate the shoots success both during and after it has taken place.

Part of this evaluation will be; how effectively budgets were spent, if health and safety protocols were met, and whether what was paid for either happened or was present on set.

Therefore the case for having a professional Behind The Scenes crew on set can be used not only to capture the images and video footage of the action and shoot, but also to show your clients that you met all of their requirements, and what was charged for was present and on set.

How are we rising to this challenge?

At BTS South Africa we are both acutely aware of the need to ensure cleanliness and a sterile environment due to situations within our own families, as a result we did not compromise on this before the COVID19 pandemic, and certainly are not now.

Our commitment to our clients is two-fold;

One – The levels of professionalism and ability to get the require shots on set that our clients have come to expect of us remains the same. We will now expand the range of our shot lists to ensure coverage of more health and safety elements to show how our clients are complying with the regulations being enforced

Two – we commit to our clients that we are taking all necessary steps to ensure our safety and that of those around us, and also ensure that we comply with any regulations. Steps we are taking include;

– Cloth face masks and nitrile gloves worn while on set

– Travel to set one per car

– Camera equipment cleaned prior to coming onto set, during set changes, and at the end of each day with alcohol swabs

– We will only handle our own equipment while on set

– We will practice social distancing at all times and use lenses that allow for this while also allowing us to get the shots expected

– Strict adherence and compliance with any set rules and regulations for the duration of the shoot 

For more information on how we intend to operate in terms of minimising the risk of COVID-19 please feel free to contact us



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